AUTUMN 2017 

Dalton de Meer basisschool, Amsterdam.

Mondays (15.30 – 16.30)  Groep 6-8*

(Full – Please email to join the waiting list)

11 week course. 18th September – 18th December

Not including herstvakantie or studiedagen

Cost €66

Wednesdays (12.15 – 13.15) Groep 3-5*

(3 places remaining)

12 week course. 20th September – 13th December

Not including herstvakantie

Cost €72

*Each course is aimed primarily at English beginners. If you would like your child to join and they already have a good level of English, please contact me to check course suitability.

Maximum 15 children per course.

Fresh water is always available and some sessions include fun food tasting exercises but please do send enough food for your child to enjoy, before every Mindful English session.


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