Learning to read English

When a child is learning to read English,  it is advisable for them to gradually progress through a series of books which contain captivating images and encouraging text. Oxford Reading Tree is a high quality range of graded reading books, produced by Oxford. They have been used in British schools for decades and I find them extremely helpful to my students.  

These little books often cost around €5 a piece on Amazon and with the hope being that your child will progress through a few levels each year, purchasing these books can be a costly affair! When increasing my teaching stock of Oxford Reading Tree books, I always look out for large sets of mixed level books – at a reduced price!

The following link can be used to purchase an engaging set of 36 books for just under €15. The set is suitable for beginner English readers.

Oxford Reading Tree, Songbirds Phonics Collection 36-Books Set RRP128.82 (Stage 1+, 2, 3, 4, 5and6) (Oxford Reading Tree)

The Song birds set contains six books each for levels 1 to 6. They are written by Julia Donaldson (author of The Gruffalo and other favourites). This is the latest set of books which I am talking along to my Mindful English lessons. 

If you would like further ideas about suitable books for children who are learning English,  please let me know. 

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